About Me as UAT Tester

I’m an independent business consultant, based in Jakarta and specializing in User Acceptance Test (UAT) for any software in South East Asia Client, especially for Indonesia’s client. For more than 3 years, I have been testing more than 7 different big projects of marketing, finance, supply chain, and operational around Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam for Multi National Company (MNC).

My Services

Not only UAT testing, but I also specialized in other relate services such as:

  1. Full circle of UAT testing with feedback report.
  2. Training end user of how to use the application.
  3. Consultation with end user of how they want the software to be.
  4. Translate the user manual book from English to Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. Helping provide hardware tools.

Why Choose My service?

                You can gain benefits from my independent service:

  1. Comprehensive report. Not only will do the UAT testing, I will also provide suggestion on how to improve the software for your client’s benefit.
  2. Culture knowledge. I’ve been travel, met, and worked with most of Indonesia’s people, so I know characteristic of each region and how to approach them to get the right feedback. This would include my experience for Malaysia and Vietnam’s clients.
  3. Complete project circles. I have firsthand experience and knowledge of how one software project went from pilot phase to development and to maturity phase.
  4. I will be the bridge between your company and your client’s gap.
  5. Competitive price package. Since my clients are non-Indonesia based consulting firm or Software Company, hiring me would save my client thousand of dollars.

How to contact me?

                For more details and business inquiry, please drop me an email: titoley@gmail.com


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